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On August 9, 2021, specialists aboard the Type 23 frigates HMS Kent and HMS Richmond reportedly spotted two 7,000-tonne Shang-class submarines as the HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Battle Group left the South China Sea. A third Shang-class would have been identified by an Astute-class submarine sailing ahead of the group. The Chinese denied and relativized the news about it.
On September 15, 2021, a strategic military alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia for the Indo-Pacific region, called AUKUS, was publicly announced. Under the pact, the United States and the United Kingdom will help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines.
September 18: There were 5 upgraded KILO 636.3 class submarines of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea. Four of them were in Tartus, Syria.
Severodvinsk launching ceremony - Photo: (the original image has been resized)
On September 28, the Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS Columbia (SSN 771) conducted tactical maneuvers and naval formations during a training exercise as part of UNITAS LXII.
On Tuesday, November 9, the fourth Scorpene submarine of Project - 75, Yard 11878 was delivered to the Indian Navy.
On November 10, satellite images of the Syrian port of Tartus emerged showing efforts to create a large smoke screen to hide the activity of the Russian naval base in that port. From the images we observed, we could not deduce if the attempt was successful or not.
At the end of November, all Russian nuclear submarines in the Pacific Fleet in operational condition based in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka, set sail as an emergency due to tensions with NATO.
On December 20, a Chinese Navy Ming-class Type-035 submarine was seen entering the Strait of Malacca on its way to Myanmar. The ship was flying a Chinese flag when she entered the strait. China is known to have delivered one of its Ming-class diesel-electric submarines to Myanmar, further cementing its influence and presence in the region.
The British HMS Astute arrived in the UK in time for Christmas.
On December 30, it emerged that the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force will install new extended-range missiles on its submarines.
Jan 1, 2022 - The US Navy is holding steady at 50 attack submarines and plans to grow the fleet, extending the life of many aging Los Angeles-class SSNs by about three years each and refueling five of them, to add additional years of operations.
January 4: Two Navy Boeing P-8I Poseidon aircraft began operations from INS Hansa in Goa. The aircraft arrived on December 30, 2021 and are part of a batch of eight aircraft being incorporated by India.
January 18: The Los Angeles-class (upgraded) attack submarine USS Annapolis (SSN 760) sailed from Naval Base San Diego, in San Diego, California. ( on Twitter)
January 19: A Russian national defense industry company is developing an unmanned ship that will carry torpedoes and will be able to autonomously detect and eliminate enemy submarines in distant waters and arctic latitudes. The ship is being developed for the Russian Navy on the firm's own initiative. After detecting an enemy submarine, the robotic system will identify the target and make a "decision" on the eventual launch of a torpedo. (
January 19: Commander Cindy Fields, spokeswoman for the US Pacific Fleet Submarine Force, confirmed that "there was a training event between a submarine and a P-8 off Maui." Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii. ( - Wikipedia)
January 20: The Volkhov diesel-electric submarine of the Russian Federation Pacific Fleet fired a Kalibr cruise missile from a submerged position in the Sea of ​​Japan at a land target, the Russian Defense Ministry reported today. The missile was launched at a distance of more than 1,000 km. (TASS - RE FILES on YouTube)
Jan 21 - compares an official image of Israel's future Dakar Class submarines with the current Dolphin-II Class and concludes that the most visible difference is that the sail is much longer. He states that it is larger than in almost any other submarine design, relative to the rest of the ship and, based on that, he conjectures that the Dakar-class will probably carry ballistic missiles on the sail.
January 24: Saying that Russia's series of naval exercises in the coming weeks would "flood the area" of the North Atlantic with submarines, Democratic Party US Congressman Joseph David Courtney said: "There is no doubt that our submarine fleet is going to be very busy at this very tense time and will definitely play an important role in terms of making sure that any potential conflict that may arise doesn't escalate into something more serious." (
January 25: On Sunday 23, the Russian anti-submarine destroyer "Vice Admiral Kulakov" (Udaloy I Class), the frigate "Almirante Kastanov" and the cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" were sighted by the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel "Andenes" in waters off the coast of Finnmark, Norway. The three ships were also flown over by a Norwegian P-3C Orion that photographed them on Tuesday 24 near the North Cape, where the Barents Sea meets the Norwegian Sea. The Russian flotilla, which is sailing to the southwest of Ireland for exercises, is made up of five ships, two of them auxiliaries. It is considered very likely that a nuclear-powered submarine is also part of it. (
On February 1, the French Navy's Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and her strike group set sail for its Clemenceau 22 deployment, which will last until April and will take the Battle Group - which includes European Union ships - to the Mediterranean. The French ships include a nuclear-powered attack submarine. A Greek submarine will join the group on the 7th of this month. The embarked air group includes an NH90 NFH Caïman anti-submarine warfare helicopter. The deployment is supported by a French Navy Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft and a US Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft. (
February 21: NATO kicked off Dynamic Manta exercise off the Sicilian coast. Surface assets, submarines, as well as aircraft from nine Allied nations, converged in the Central Mediterranean Sea for anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare drills. Dynamic Manta 22 is the first time RAF Poseidon aircraft are conducting anti-submarine and anti-surface operations from an overseas operating location. ( -
February 22: Combat ships and submarines of the Russian Northern Fleet returned home after drills in the Barents Sea. (TASS)
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